🖥️ Welcome to My Computer Tycoon, where you can be a computer repairperson and construct your computer store! Build your tycoon, repair epic custom PC computers, earn cash, and battle enemy players! ⚔️

💾 My Computer Tycoon has an amazing auto-saving feature, meaning your PC store will be saved. 💾
🚩 Any user caught exploiting will receive a permanent ban, please report a user by letting creators know.

⭐️ Players who join the group linked below will receive speed coil privileges;!/about

🔨 Latest Update: V4 (01/13) Update on Friday!
⚡ Power generators! Generate more cash in-game.
🚨 Sport cars! Drive in style with these speedy vehicles.

💥 Likes and favorites are appreciated and lead to more updates. Thanks for playing My Computer Tycoon.
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