📢 [AUG 2022] Team Super has released a small update including fixes for game-breaking bugs, updated interface, and more! Join us and save the city once again!
💥 Save the city with the Heroes of Robloxia! 🦸‍♂️
💥 As crime runs rampant through the streets of Robloxia, a group of powered individuals come together to stop the evil Darkmatter from taking over the world! Team up with Captain Roblox, Tessla, Overdrive, Kinetic, and Amethysto to stop the forces that threaten the city. Use your super powers and teamwork skills to stop enemies from our world or others and #SaveTheBlox!
💥 Bring the action home and purchase official Heroes Robloxia merchandise including toys, apparel, and more on Amazon, Target, and other retailers worldwide! Unlock exclusive in-game items with codes inside toys!


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