Welcome to this apartment complex.

In this house there are several spacious flats that can be rented later with Robux. For more information, please join our Dizzy server. 

The house has an underground garage where you can easily park your car.
From the entrance or the underground car park you can easily reach your flat via a lift. Alternatively, you can also use our staircase. In the near future you can use our sauna in the basement. There is also a laundry room available.

Our whole team would like to thank all the people who made this project possible.

Among others these are:

- McTedson (security system, lift, maintenance).
- TechnoLifts (planning, construction, lift)
- ItzTopic (caretaker, construction supervision)
- Carsten S. (security / property protection)

Please note that the game is not yet completely finished.


There are currently no running experiences.