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📣UPDATE - Explore the Crunchy Caverns with Toucan Sam®!

This game is for US audiences only. We’re so sorry that our friends around the world can’t play, but rules in other countries prevent us from making it available elsewhere.

Froot Loops® have gone missing from the breakfast table and Toucan Sam® needs your help to bring them back! How? Just follow your nose® to Froot Loops™ World!

Featuring exclusive obbys and brand new mini-games:

🚂 The Cart Train: ride around the caverns!
🫧 Bubble Popper: see how many bubbles you can pop before time runs out!
🔎 Hidden Treasures: search the cavern for hidden Froot Loops®.
🚣‍♀️ Milk Lake Ride: take a ride in the Milk Lake to collect the Froot Loops®!
🪨 Dig it!: Drill into the caverns to find hidden treasures and loopy items!
👕 The Colors and Curiosities Shop: buy exclusive Froot Loops® merch

Froot Loops® is part of a complete breakfast.
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