Working on Sequel (Specter 100): To test combat for sequel join

Our pay is in percentage so, we have lives outside of this game so we apologize in advance for the lack of clarity and fullfilling updates. Once we're done working on Specter 100 Content through early December, we'll reopen SPO for Christmas Break once again.

Helpful Tips; Affinity and Race Evolution can be accessed through NPC's Ghost = Find Maho Jars spawn around the map to summon them. 

Misc Controls: Agility bar - Orange bar next to health and stamina Controls: F - Block Alt - Climb Right Click = Combo Extend (Need 100% Agility Bar) Hold Space While Punching = Air Combo K - Transform (At 100% Emotion) R - Race Spec (Unlock from Reigen) T - Charge (Unlock from Reigen) 

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