Welcome to free items game! Here you can find basically free catalog items, promocodes, and of course, Events! 

Disclaimer: This game contains teleportation you will teleport to the event game when the platform is touched. 

Bump World: Free Jungle
Spotify Island
Insomniac World Party
Tate McRae Concert Experience
Givenchy Beauty House
Samsung Superstar Galaxy
Duolingo Game Hub
Nerf Hub
My Hello Kitty Cafe
Mansion of Wonder
Island of Move
Puma and the Land of Games
McLaren F1 Racing Experience
Sunsilk City
Ready Player Two Hub
Chipotle Burrito Builder
Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall
Metaverse Champions Hub
Dolo Tonight Concert
Samsung Space Tycoon
Man City Blue Moon
NARS Color Quest
NFL Shop
LuoBu Transformation Night
George Ezra’s Gold Rush Kid Experience
Dunking Simulator
Guacathon with Denzel Curry
School of Sport
The Chainsmokers Concert Experience
Festival Tycoon!
Techquest CHM


There are currently no running experiences.