UPDATE: Some servers are experiencing difficulties in obtaining badges/morphs, please join a new server if this occurs (fixing). Update 5 is out now, enjoy the new morphs. You now have the option to purchase any morph permanently but please note that these prices will be increased in the near future. New badge morphs added each update!

This is a work in progress. Morphs, tasks, missions and badges will be added in the coming days.

As a former employee of 'Playtime Co', you return to the abandoned toy factory after many years. You haven't stepped foot in the building sice 1984.
Upon entering your old workplace, you realise that something is wrong. Chills run down your spine after each revealing secret and you feel as if something is watching you...

Tags: Golden Dominus games, Poppy Playtime, Roleplay, Huggy Wuggy, Roleplay.


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