Flashlight: [PC: F, Gamepad: Y]
Sprint (For Mineshaft): [PC: Left-Shift, Gamepad: B]
Skill-Checks: [PC: E, Gamepad: A]
Objective: [PC: Q]

Coming soon: A new multiplayer level

You are alone in your house. Suddenly, the phone rings. The police department issues a warning that a criminal is on the loose. Unfortunately, the criminal has a new target: YOU. Check cameras in your room to watch his every move. He can sometimes enter your room to look for you. Hide in the closet if he does and turn off the lights. Wait until the phone regains service.

Inspirations: The Mandela Catalogue and Five Nights at Freddy's (also a bit of other games)

🔺WARNING🔺: This game includes flashing lights, loud sounds, and jumpscares.

Voice actors: chl0eu, Bulderme
Phone voice: Psychotic Tormentor

Tags: horror, scary, fnaf, intruder, cameras, monster, ghost, mandela


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