Update 1: Fixed Poison Sheep and disabled auto-game start, now you can join the battle by hitting play instead of automatically being teleported to the battle farm!

Battle Sheep is a new free-to-play FPS. In this mode, players try to get the highest number of points by collecting different kinds of sheep scattered all over the map. But be careful, you must protect your character from getting eliminated to keep getting points.

Seven Unique Types of Collectable Sheep:
Regular Sheep - Gain a single point every second
Healing Sheep - Recovers health
Golden Sheep - Appears when the game is almost over and gives the most points per second
Speed Sheep - Increases movement speed of your character
Poison Sheep - Poisons other players until they remove the curse
Guardian Sheep - Creates a protective force field for your character
Black Sheep - Slows down other players temporarily

Seven primary weapons to buy that include AK47, M4A1, M12S, PPSH41 and more!

Plus THREE pistols to

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