⚠ Fan-made game, Unofficial, Not sponsered or approved by Microsoft. Do not expect it to be accurate.

✔ 100% Playable on Low End Device / Potato Device!
🎉Thank you for 1M+ Visits!

🦠 Install viruses.. or create your own!
💻You can simulate viruses with VM!

📝 v2.0.8 Update:
Fixed MS Store
Vmware and roblox will now sync
Bug fixes
Fixed vmware reset
New game: Drawing
Smoother taskbar animation on startup
Made taskbar icon smaller
New app: Microsoft store
New games: 2D Game
New app: Calculator
Added icons to start menu
UI Redesign: Text Document

April Update

🎈 Premium Benefits:
Chat Tag + Golden Chat Text

🤯 Group benefits:
Chat tag

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🈹 Language Supported: English, French, German, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Japan

❗ This game is in beta so expect lots of shutdown

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Windows 11, Simulator, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 95


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