Enroll at 🏰 Magic School!
The most legendary school to grow the craft ✨✨✨
Get magic pets 🐈‍, learn spells✨, decorate your house🏠 at the campus and play with (and against) friends in the magic world of Magic School /m21 in Roblox !!

1)  Follow the Magic Arrow to enroll in the school (headmistress office), get your 1st magic pet (pet professor classroom) and enter into challenge 1.
2) Complete the challenges by pointing the right commands in the bottom bar to the long white tiled row on the floor. After you complete the spell you must trigger the bell above with any of the commands.
3) Learn from your friends with TP & 1v1 games at the gym.
4) Completing challenges will increase your Craft rank and most of them will give you magic powers, magic school clothes, pets.
5) From the start you have a house in the campus. Explore the world and see all that you can do.

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🏰  Magic School /m21 is a Minicoders21 game.


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