Welcome to the 'Advanced PRo-Soccer Training Institute' (Released on 28/3/14). Most recent update: Huge changes to the lobby and institute; new and improved skills training system. Next update: Will be working on Advanced skills practice and adding Crossbar Challenge. Instructions - Step on the pentagon to bring up the menu screen. - Click the place you want to visit on the left. - Click the picture on the right to go to the place you've selected. Here's a list of places within the Training Institute: *SKILLS* - ####### Skills Training Field - Advanced Skills Training - Ro-Soccer Tutorials *PUBLIC PLACES/GAMES* - KP Standard Pitch - KP Dynamic Pitch - KP K2K2K2K Court - KP ####### Court - KP Ro-Soccer Tennis Court - KP Ro-Soccer Table Tennis *OTHER PLACES* - KP Match Stadium: Field of Kings - Other places by other people (eg. TPS by TAYFUN7) -PM me if deres any bugs pls and suggestions ;p-

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