This is a 2013 MMORPG. 
The game is fixed to playable and working state now! 

Classes and Jobs System, Quests, Bossing, Kill mobs, Loots, Forge Equipments, Open world PvP!  
It is like Runescape where you click to Interact / Attack, while not exactly same that you can move with WASD/Joystick.

►Roblox Premium Benefits: Gain 20% more EXP + Gain 10% more Drop Rate + Free 10 Mystic Credits per 10 mins. 
(Stack with other boosts.)

►Update Info: 
01/28: Improved equipment stats, Warlock Buff, Avenger balance, Crit Rate exceed 100% will increase Crit Damage. 

- Click to Select, 
- Double Click to Interact / Attack
- Drag and Drop for Inventory

►Other Works: 
Zealous Fighter:
Base Wars:
Infection Attack II:

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