Current Project: Arc Reborn. Basically Adventure Blox but better

Some huge UI changes coming soon! The event building exists but it doesn't operate in this version. All your rewards will be there soon! THIS IS MORE OF A TEST RATHER THAN A GAME AT THE MOMENT! Please rate the place considerately Will work in mobile and tablet additions soon 09/27/17 - You can now buy boats on the XBOX version. 10/01/17 - Few boat spawning fixes 10/06/17 - In the process of making some dialogue changes, also made a few pathfinding changes to NPCs Data will probably reset once beta is released. This game is in alpha as it's an unfinished build. I didn't want to release it until the game got somewhat into a stage where I was happy with it however I've been encouraged by many to upload what I have right now and get opinions. So hit me up, what are your opinions? Post them in the ####### here: cngDtkb Group link: Groups.aspx?gid=2739948

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