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Are you ready to burn some Gouda? Welcome to the world of Lunchables Racing, where you can Lunchabuild the ultimate racing kart and try to beat your friends to the finish line!

You can also explore our town, play mini-games and spend your money on gacha balls to earn new kart parts!

We know you’ll go crackers for this game, so get ready to go ham on Lunchables Racing!


🏁 3 Unique race tracks to practice your driving on, each with secret shortcuts!
📈 Leaderboards - try to beat your friend’s times!
🏠 Explore our town and chat to it’s food-crazy citizens!
🎮 4 great mini games where you can earn more cash to decorate your kart!
🚗 Over 100 unique items to customise your kart with!
🌟 Over 1,000,000 different kart combinations!
💰 25 hidden coins to find every day!


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