⚔️Welcome to Pirate Seas! Become a infamous pirate or a reputable marine! Choose if you want to be a master swordsman or a powerful fruit user and train to become the strongest player.

Join our server to know the codes!
Premium users gain 1.5X More Beli

Standard fruit rolls can give legendaries

Current level cap: 750
Current fruits in the game:
Invisibility,Slip, Fire , Darkness , Snow , Ope Ope , Sand , Gravity , Lightning

You can have a chance of rolling a legendary from a standard spin
(Must have a fruit in your inventory and use the exact name it shows in hotbars.)

- Fruits spawn in the map every 1 to 2 hours  / despawn after 40 minutes. 
- Join the group for a in game tag.

Q - Dash (100 Stamina)
X2 Space - Geppo (200 Stamina)
Z,X,C,V Devil Fruit Moves

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Released on 24/12/2021


There are currently no running experiences.