This is single-player game that simulates Windows 10 [OS] behavior, here you can manage the system on your own.
(This is an Unofficial emulator/game!)

The first you should do is the system installation, after you've done that you can create your own account with any name! When you do that, the entire system is in your hands; connect it to the internet, trigger BSOD, break your PC and repair it, fight malwares together with your antivirus, you can also talk with AI robots, browse the internet, play video games, make your OWN programs, PLAY ROBLOX in ROBLOX.. Or simply turn off the computer

Single-Player based but you can play the game in public servers, to access these you need to create ROBLOX VIP SERVER and join it, game will teleport you to public server.
Game available on PC, Mobile and console.

For low-end device users i recommend you to enable potato mode in Windows Settings, quality wont change but it gives much FPS
Full screen recommended for best experience

Version- v1.4.17


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