So its your first day as a Security guard for Mr Funny's ToyShop. 
Its your job to make sure no one robs the place, Also.. It's important to keep the power OFF! The factory seems to encounter....Problems?...When the Power is turned on during the Night shift. 
Just sit back, Relax and make sure not to turn on the power BUT..
Lets say you do turn it on and need to escape well, 
Travel through the 20 crazy Obstacles and mini games that await you. 
Make your way through the Factory and make sure to avoid the Mr Funny Dummy that lurks in the darkness. 

Thank you all for playing games and I really hope you enjoy them. I try to keep my games new and fresh to keep you all entertained :)
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Escape Mr Funny's ToyShop! (SCARY OBBY) Created by:


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