Scripter: _____
Graphics Artist: Bambiino 
Animators: _____ and ________
Stadium Builders: Various community members

Added in 12 new Custom Teams
Added Home Run Derby to Batting Cage Servers (Leaderboards are divided by current ballpark you are hitting at)
Say "set park" to change the ballpark you are in (Batting Cages only atm)
Batting with 4 or lower graphics will cause the ball to be pitched at 30 FPS, set graphics to 5 or higher when batting to get smooth 60 FPS pitches
All pitches thrown fast with no drag have slight increase in speed
Batter can now right click during swing to check their swing
In VIP Servers, say "bp on" to activate Batting Practice and "bp off" to turn it off
In Batting Practice, press Spacebar to have the pitcher pitch; press 'h' to turn hints on/off; press 'b' to hide/show the strike zone
Catcher can request speed of pitch by left clicking for fast, and right clicking for slow


There are currently no running experiences.