- Added Scyphozoa
- Added in deadly devirt
- added in temporary xenafication
- You can only be xenafied on lyoko by the Scyphozoa.
- Added in the void.
- you can use code earth to return earth when you have deadly devirt.
- Carthage interface now allows you to collect data.
- After data is collected from sector 5 you can get rid of deadly devirt by running a code from the super computer.
- You can now save people from the frontier by activating a green tower.
- Xena will now attack green towers.
- Earth xenafication is now added.
- Updated the Tarantula and Megatanks.
- Readded Run Tool.
- Readded the Melee Tool.
- Xenafied people can use the Melee tool on everyone!

- Scyphozoa doesn't hold you correctly.

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