Game was released relatively recently.
Its full of bugs, so please be careful.
Game was created by a Solo Dev.

A game where you lead a unit of NPCs into battle.

The main part of the game involves 5v5 with up to 160 units on the battlefield.

Lead your team to victory, and claim the rewards to obtain even more troop types.

Attack - Click
Block - Right Click
Heavy Attack - F
Archer Melee - Right Click
Dodge Roll - X

[Mobile Control]:
Tap a button, have fun!
Press and Hold screen for archers.

Added 2 new Units
Monk, and Assassin

Added Some Lag Fixes.

3D assets used were either free models, or purchased.
Clothing was found on the catalog.
Macedonian helmets free model:

Team Create will never happen.
I am too paranoid for that.

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