Game was created by and is being developed by a single person.
There may be some bugs!
Please go easy on me!

A game where you lead a unit of NPCs into battle
Lead your team to victory, and claim the rewards to obtain even more troop types

Join The Group for +500 Gold

Attack - Click
Block - Right Click
Heavy Attack - F
Archer Melee - Right Click
Dodge Roll - X

Press and Hold screen for archers

Patched a lobbybreaking exploit...
Added Glaive, EgyptianDancer, Mandarin, Hussar
New Warlord Mode (PvP2)
Balance Changes, Patched Cav unit spawn bug
Fixed music toggle, and added game mode text toggle

3D assets used were either free models, or purchased.
Clothing was found on the catalog.
Macedonian helmets free model:

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