⭐ Aotu World is an RPG game authorized by 7-doc Studio. ⭐

Aotu World was invaded by unknown dark power, and the portals to each dimension was open. Press START to create new rooms or join others' room to play. Press PVP to fight with other players if there are any.

Beat all the enemies to recover Aotu World to the past!

**New Codes at 1000 Likes**

🔥Version 1.0🔥
- 7 Roles
- 4 Battles
- PVP Mode

✨Choose your favorite role to play!
⚔️Group to challenge dimensions!
👊PVP to earn rewards!
💎Gather SSR runes to be strong!

✨Join our group for 5% Coin boost & EXP boost✨

Keywords: Aotu World, 凹凸世界

🌐Developed by Unicorn Game Studio🌐
🌐Official Authorization🌐

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