The long awaited summer update for Winds Of Fortune is here! Sail in the newly crafted map including 5 different regions accessible by the Winds of Fortune Tradewinds, or perhaps attack and board enemy pirate or undead vessels to break into their storerooms to find rare treasures and the newly added flamethrower special cannon and iron armor plating ship upgrades.

🛠️ Game Fund 2022 Project 🛠️ 

🌊 Set sail across an immersive world by yourself or with friends 
🗺️ Explore diverse islands with many landmarks 
⚔️ Upgrade and customize unique weapons with special skills 
🔥 Obtain powerful magic abilities 
☠️ Fight many enemies both on land and at sea 
⛵ Customize your ships to make them yours 
🐙 Engage in battle with legendary monsters


There are currently no running experiences.