A new world-tier boss has appeared: the evil King Krab! In addition, brave sailors have set sail from different guilds, populating the ocean, and are ripe for the plundering. Will you vanquish the new threat on the Great Spire, or seek fortune from the treasure fleets?

Sail on an epic pirate adventure with your friends in Winds of Fortune!

🛠️ Game Fund 2022 Project 🛠️

🌊 Set sail across an immersive world by yourself or with friends
🗺️ Explore diverse islands with many landmarks
⚔️ Craft, upgrade and customize unique weapons with special skills
🔥 Obtain powerful magic abilities
☠️ Fight many enemies both on land and at sea
⛵ Customize your ships to make them yours
🐙 Engage in battle with legendary monsters


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