Welcome to Pinewood Research Facility, located in a secret part of the Sahara Desert and above the underground Pinewood Computer Core it serves as the hub between our main facilities and games making up the Sahara complex - State of the art mega-structures and shuttle launch sites such as the Pinewood Space Shuttle Advantage launch site, as well as the home of our supercomputer mainframe and reactor powering the entire complex, PBCC; plus satellite communications for our space projects.

You can come and visit the exhibition, where we show you our past technology and creations. This place also features the Pinewood astronaut training centrifuge capable of incredibly high G's, so buckle up. 

This facility was first proposed in 2010, after decommissioning the original 2008 Pinewood Labs, the 2009 Research Facility, and the facilities at the 2009 HQ. Any areas still under construction will be blocked off with a white wall.

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