❓ Immerse yourself into a weird dreamland... OR IS IT A DREAM? ❓ Vibe, Hangout, Roleplay, Explore! 5+ graphics recommended!

🔨 Game is still WIP (400+ hours into development). Like, Fav, Fallow for updates!

🚪 Join the Server and group ALNDN:

Most music: JxstR3Y
Scripting help: SegmentedPro, Execute

E❓X👁P🚪L🌈O☁️R✨E dreamcore drmcr dremcor dremcore dreamcor dramcore dreamcr  weirdcore wierdcore werdcore wirdcore weirdcor weirdcoreaesthetic liminalspaceaesthetic dreamcoreausthetic aesthetic oddcore odcore strangecore webcore glitchcore angelcore traumacore liminal liminality liminality liminalspace liminalspaces liminality interliminality showcase space nostalgia nostalgiacore dereality feverdream unreality lucid dream surreal explore exploration mushroom backrooms void playground kidcore doors orbs moon sky clouds cloudcore trains simulation avatar catalog pianos eyes static derealization depersonalization avatar catalog


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