⚠️This game has been discontinued, and it won't be receiving any more updates.⚠️

A sandbox game where you add logic gates and switches to compute things. Logic gates are the building blocks of computers.
Use the switches and connect them via wiring to interact with the logic gates.
To wire, go into wiring mode and select an input (I) and output (O) so it will connect.

Players can type "kick [player name]" to vote to kick an abusive player.

Update 0.3:
• Lasers
• Touch Sensors
• Speakers
• Colored wires
• Holding shift to place an object or wire and I/O more than once
• More objects

Update 0.3.1:
• Fixed a bug where multiple connections in one input might cause some issues.
 Y to reset rotation; Hold shift when rotating to reverse the rotation; Q to elevate block; E to lower block
Inspired by Kitten's Free Build:
BrickColor codes:


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