🧙 Oculus Quest 2 is now supported natively!

HVR is a classic Roblox VR God-hands game with many features and Cross-platform PC and VR Support.

👽Aliens Update:
- Added several planes & UFOs
- Added Desert Island
- New Props
- New Toy-O-Matic Machines
- Added Ambient Music
- Added Sound Effect Buttons
- Added New Badges

This game supports VR and PC at the same time, mobile players do not spawn in VR mode.

[VR Controls]
Side Trigger: Point / Trigger Item
Front Trigger: Grab
Left Joystick: Move

[PC Controls]
WASD: Move
Mouse Movement: Move Hand
Right Click: Move Camera
Left Click: Grab
Shift: Move Down
Space: Move Up
Scroll Wheel: Adjust Reach
V: Toggle VR & Non VR
E: Show Off-Hand

Programmed by CoiyoFish
Modeled by BwueHiki & puugoii_alt


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