Welcome to NFA: Online, The Official Game for the National Football Alliance.
Interested in playing in Career Mode? Join the Communications Server located below. Must be ranked above Supporters in the group to access Career Mode.

Active Codes:

🌟 Rank System & Rewards
🌟 Full Customization
🌟 Xbox & Mobile Support
🌟 Innovative Gameplay
🌟 Ultimate Team Cards
🌟 Custom Practice Facilities

Character Customization:
✔️ Headless (Any other Head will be Defaulted to Normal.)
✔️ Your ROBLOX Avatars Hair & Face.
❌ Hat, Neck, Back, etc, Accessories are Removed There are options In-Game.
❌ Custom Packages, includes all Limbs.

Development Team:
📜 Programmer & UI: @kzsei
🔨 Builder: @outerparts
🔨 Builder: @audiite

Credits to any Original Makers of any assets that may be found inside the game, We have no intent on stealing content without credit.

Inspiration from lJokes's RB World.
Group Access Only.


There are currently no running experiences.