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Update 80.5 🏁 
🏁 Weekend boost - x2 Clicks x2 Luck 72 h
🗳️ New Promo Code - x6 Hatch 1h ---- Use Code: Sn34kP34k

💥 New Stretch Goals: 550M Visits = Event Egg! 
☑️ Roblox Premium members can equip 1 extra pet! 
💨 Double-tap your jump button to Double Jump! (PC = Spacebar, Mobile = Jump Button) 

⚡ Click to get clicks! 
🐾 Hatch, collect, and trade LEGENDARY pets! 
🔄 Rebirth to get a Clicks multiplier and Gems! 
💰 Buy rebirth pets & buttons to help you on your journey! 
⏫ Unlock more Double Jumps & discover Islands high above! 
🏆 Climb the leaderboards & become a Clicking God!


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