-- MTEC Will not be updated anymore, thank you for your support! --

Welcome to MTEC! (Mitsubishi Testing and Exhibition Centre). This is an underground "showcase" facility consisting of several Trontech-Mitsubishi lifts.

Here you can ride 2 of our giant shuttle lifts (Mitsubishi NEXCUBE) down to the level 50 cave hallway, in which you can explore the different zones and levels of this facility! Mores lifts and zones are expected to be added on in later updates, so stay tuned!

MTEC - Trontech-Mitsubishi Testing and Exhibition Centre
Version 1.0.1

TRG_753 - Construction
Wasin147 - Lifts and Scripting
Rakkietwilok - Lifts
SneakyGamerxd - Simulators
vfx_1 - Optimisation

Trontech Corporation
Constructed by Trontech Development
Managed by Trontech Management
Building systems by Trontech Systems



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