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VIP:http://www.roblox.com/Morse-Code-VIP-item?id=87229650---When thousands of scientists are creating a cure that can cure all diseases, a nuclear accident kills all of them. Their bodies are reanimated into mutant creatures called Splices which then begin to kill and infect citizens around the world. Before the whole entire world is infected with this virus, all of the remaining survivors head to a Space Resort called the Star Deluxe Space Station. All the humans onboard the station lived there for many many years until one crew member suddenly mutated into a Splice which killed and infected the rest of the crew including your family and other siblings including you. But a scientist and his assistance ressurect you and installing weapons into your hands. After having complete memory loss because of your death, you must kill all of the remaining Splices and recover your lost memory. (Comment and Favorite!)

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