BGO is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler game inspired by Pixel Dungeon, Soul Knight, Black Clover, and many other games/series.
The game is still in work and will get updated often. I'm the only one working on it so forgive me if there are errors, bugs or if there is no content at all.
Expect shutdowns.

Join the group for in-game perks:

G/ButtonA - Interact
Z and X/DPadUp and DPadDown - Scroll between spells
To run you simply walk.

Drop Chance: Common-40%, Uncommon-25%, Rare-15%, Epic-10%, Legendary-8%, Mythical-2%
Rank Chance: E-30%, D-25%, C-17%, B-13%, A-10%, S-5%

If you have any issue with the assets used in the game contact me!

Voices: @AdamCarrizales and @GinaOrtilia
OST opening: @JoãoMutton
Some contributions by naaccz


There are currently no running experiences.