👑👑👑 Latest update announcement:

💥💥💥 1. Add PVP map!! You can enter through the game scene in Map 1! Come and win rich competition rewards!

Latest exchange code: PVP 👑👑👑
1K praise goal achieved! The latest praise reward exchange code "toby" is open!
Like goal in the next stage: 5k like!
Historical code:edward、molly

🚂🚂🚂🚂Welcome to 《Train Destruction Simulator》! Here you can destroy items and resources in any way you want! Level up to access better maps!
More characters from Thomas, more different skins, and tails are waiting for you to unlock! Become the most destructive King of the train!
💥💥💥Destroy items to gain experience
🚩🚩🚩Upgrade when you have enough experience to increase your power and move on to the next map
💨💨💨When you reach the maximum level, you can choose to restart with bonuses!
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