'Opposer VR' is a physics-based, VR combat game still early in development. Anything you see here could be subject to change. You can also play without VR, but your experience will differ from intended gameplay.

Trailer made by tky_4

Oculus controls:
Triggers: Fire / Activate item / Punch / Respawn / Move ammo pouch
Grip buttons: Grab
Left thumbstick click: Reset ammo pouch position
Right thumbstick down: Chat
Right thumbstick left: Rotate left
Right thumbstick right: Rotate right
Right thumbstick click: Jump / Jetpack (hold)
Left thumbstick: Move character
Button B: Eject right magazine
Button Y: Eject left magazine
Button A: Command menu (VIP servers)

To slide, put one hand under your torso and crouch while running forward at full speed.
To open the VIP menu on non-Oculus headsets, hold the right mag eject button while not holding a gun.

Full changelogs can be seen in the community server.

Disclaimer: All weapon models are used from the public Creator Marketplace.


There are currently no running experiences.