'Opposer VR' is a physics-based, VR combat game, actively in development. Anything you see here could be subject to change. You can also play without VR, but your experience will differ from intended gameplay.

Oculus controls:
Triggers: Fire / Activate item / Punch / Respawn / Move ammo pouch / Grab slide
Grip buttons: Grab
Left thumbstick click: Reset ammo pouch position (double-tap)
Right thumbstick down: Chat
Right thumbstick left: Rotate left
Right thumbstick right: Rotate right
Right thumbstick click: Jump / Jetpack (hold)
Left thumbstick: Move character
Button B: Eject right magazine / Private server commands
Button Y: Eject left magazine
Button X: Left quick-release
Button A: Right quick-release

To slide, put one hand under your torso and crouch while running forward at full speed.

Full changelogs can be seen in the community server.

Disclaimer: All weapon models are obtained from the Creator Marketplace, provided by Roblox.


There are currently no running experiences.