so, for those who are wondering about the status of CTGT,
I'm gonna be very honest... I do not plan on updating this game anymore. I do not care enough for it or have enough time to give it updates. it is also very hard to maintain with all the messy code and map (and the physics engine).
i'll leave this game up for now because people still want to play it, but it will be VERY buggy. There may be a replacement to CTGT in the future.
i'm NOT planning on selling/transferring it to anyone.

If your vehicle controls don't work, the fix is to keep jumping out of the vehicle seat and sitting till the controls work.

you might encounter something called "Physics throttling". this is what causes parts to move way slower than they're supposed to (examples: trains & flying debris). For slightly better physics (especially for train crashes), head over to a private server or a public server with less players.


There are currently no running experiences.