Cat Lady has gone on holiday, leaving her cats alone in the house.
Tired of neglect, they decide to destroy everything!

Also play Find the Cats:
Or Cat Trip:

--- Updates ---

2024-02-15 Fixed bug where the trap after MUSIC might fail to teleport you to PRISON.
2024-02-14 Fixed bug where you might get stuck in WORKSHOP level. 
2024-01-17 Hear Cat Lady talk (currently up to MUSIC level)

🦄 19 morph gamepasses
🍣 VIP Sushi level
🏖️ VIP Beach level 
⛩ Shrine level 
🕺 Club level
🏫 School level 
🎩 100+ hats
🎢 Fairground level 
🐈 Choose your fur style.
🥕 Farmers' market level.
🚽 Prison level.
🐶 Added music level ending surprise.
🎶 Music shop level.

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Premium benefits: premium tattoo.


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