Welcome to Winter Wonderland in Earth! Work together with friends to decorate the Christmas Tree using light-up orbs, and attract Santa to visit our smol town! This year, Santa got a lot smarter and only gives out presents you don't own yet. Good for him🎅

Sukimeki's new Winter Set is out: Princess Starfrost! This beautiful set includes special effects we've never done before on any other set! Magically change your skirt from short to long, or take off your ice skates when you need casual sneakers. ( Click your character to change these attributes). The new Ice Skater Animation Pack helps you glide through any icey situation! 

The heels have been entirely reworked to help improve animations! (Still a work in progress to get everything perfect)
A "darker shade" line has been added to the 99 Colors Palette (We *REALLY* needed Navy) 

Icons by SStarxy⭐ and @Ladyjordii

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