。✧☁️Royale Updates!☁️✧。
🍓 New Fresh Fruits Sticker Pack!
🍉 Place Stickers in your dorm!
👗 New Custom Fabrics Uploader Gamepass for furni / outfits!
📷 New Picture Frames dorm furniture!
🖼️ Increased saved pictures limit from 50 to 100!

Welcome to your 。✧☁️Dream World!☁️✧。
🌴Make cute outfits & enter a fashion contest on Sunset Island, then take a magical midnight swim in the glowing ocean!
📱 Incoming Message: bff want 2 have a sleepover at my dorm? xx
🧸 Decorate a dreamy dorm with fairy lights, then COLLAPSE IN A FLUFFY PILE OF PILLOWS!!!
🩹 Ouch, I got hurt! Visit the School Office for an ice pack!
🌙 Dress in gorgeous dresses and dance the night away at the school dance!
⛲ Make a wish at the Fountain of Dreams for a chance at a ULTRA-rare item!
💍 Trade your rare and valuable treasures in the Trading Hub!
🦄 Put cute stickers all over your diary and decorate the inside of your locker!
✨ Fly & Use Magic!
🌅 Watch the sunset from your Beach House balcony!
.. and lots more!☁️✧。


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