🏰 Royale High 🏰


8/16 Release Notes 📝
❇ The Spa Bathrooms are now in New Royale High! I'll give no spoilers.. Go explore! and click EVERYTHING! 🎆
❇ The Enchantress Royale High Toy is in stores now! Learn more where you can get her here! 💖 https://www.roblox.com/toys
❇ A callmehbob toy is found in Series 2 Mystery Boxes in the same isle you get The Enchantress! 
❇ New Bathing suits to wear in the spa!
❇ Disney Princess Outfits!
❇ Temporary Lobby max players have been increased to fix long load times
❇ Lighting has been brightened, including in sleep position
❇ All realms now have wings + skirts + inventory update (in new servers)

❇The inventory glitch is fixed! Equip missing items from the lobby to fix your inventory! :D

Builder & Director: callmehbob
Main Scripter: Ironclaw33
Graphics Designer: Closet_Skeleton
Second Scripter: Ice7
Game Icon Credit: Itzyogirlashly
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