Welcome to Divinia!~ The beginning of our expansion into new multi-worlds!
💕Valentines Accessories & Wings are released💕and maybe a new halo... 😇
💎The Diamonds received a makeover! They are now shaped like a ❤ and they spawn entirely differently! Random locations, spawn times, and values!
🎀Use your Divinia Teleportation Scepter to take a portal to other realms!
🛒Visit the Designer Boutiques, featured games made by our favorite clothing designers! Use the scepter to get back💙
🤐We didn't tell you guys this but.. we've been tracking your Supreme Royalty Wins!👑 Check out our brand new Leaderboards for all-time Top Levels and SR Wins! If you're on it, pick your throne💺 it's reserved for you!
🌙All servers of Divinia have the same time!
📷You can now zoom in without your body going transparent, and the YouTube Module is in the bottom right corner!
🎁 & other fun fixes :)

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