A Doom-inspired game made by a member of Lethal Bite Studio and formerly a member of Endless Fighting.

The main event itself takes place in a different universe where you're not the Slayer and are forced to outlive the demonic invasion on your own, and hell might not be the only thing that gets you and your squad-mates, there might also be consequences of attempting to betray your own friends

[Note] Read the ToS first before making loadable add-ons. Plus I am not responsible for any of the community made add-ons loaded into the game that isn't mine

[~] Free mouse
[R] Single tap - Unload | Hold - Reload
[Q] Kick - Jump & [Q] to air/drop kick
[G] Quick throw (no need to hold)
[S. BRACKETS] Cycle inventory
[Enter] Use item
[V] Weapon mode
[C] Crouch (Toggle) - Sprint & [C] to Slide
[Z] Dash
[L.SHIFT] Sprint
[L.CTRL] Crouch (Hold)
[SPACE] Jump, Vault and Climb
[0] Combat mode


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