Survive in a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear power plant disaster. Scavenge for better equipment and become the ruler of the wastelands. Either work with your faction or betray your own. It's up to you how you leave your legacy behind.

This game also uses Roblox cutting edge graphics with full PBR materials and maximized graphics fidelity. While trying to be optimized for all types of hardware.

⚠️Warning this game is difficult and will put your survival and pvp skills to the test!

🏗️ This game is not finished and does not represent the final product. There may be frequent updates and restarts. Although we don't wipe skins and delta currency, we do reset player inventories and non-permanent items once in a while with bigger updates. 

Y - Settings and keybinds
Tab - Inventory
Scroll Up/Down - next interaction option
F - Interact
K - Clan menu

Special Credits:
Game idea inspired by the original deadzone on roblox


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