The long-awaited sequel to Adventure Forward 2 is finally here.

3 years ago, a celestial super-being known as Celesteal sought out the power of the symbols to control the narrative to their liking. A relative descendant of the heroic Star Savior surfaced, and united together with the Points to bring about the end of Celesteal and their universal tirade - liberating the world from their grasp.

But now, Celesteal's greatest creation awakens from their prison with a taste for destruction and a new-found ability granted by the crown artifact. The void-infused Point seeks to eliminate the final traces of Celesteal and their creations from this universe to ensure prosperity. Voixer's return, and the existence of such a powerful crown reveals that there was much more to Celesteal's influence then one could ever imagine. Will the second Star Savior be able to step up once again to defeat the face of evil?

Team Novas, 2020-2022

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