(As of October 14, 2021, this project has been cancelled. We appreciate all of your support, and we hope you'll stick around to support Stars Align, a new series made by Team Nova and many of the Repainted developers!)

Now introducing, Adventure Forward 2 Repainted!

Adventure Forward 2 Repainted aims to be a brand-new remastered release of the classic you've come to know and love. The game aims to polish the building and level design in every level to 2021 standards as well as introducing new and unique stars and missions for replayability.

Adventure Forward 2 (Legacy):

Some notable new features we will be sharing with you are:
- A new star route for every world
- A brand new engine with altered mechanics and functionality
- Extra features and an extended story
- The return of bonus stars
...and more!

Credits are featured in-game.

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