🚖Welcome To Taxi Boss Car Tycoon🚖 
Transport passengers, race friends, drift in the mountains and become the fastest taxi driver on Roblox.

The best CAR DRIVING and DRIFTING mechanics!

Thanks for 300k Likes! Use code 'PRO', next code at 400K! 

💰 Use code 'START' for 1000 bucks! 
🏁 In this city, everyone needs a ride! 
💸 Customers pay more the quicker they get to their destination! 
🔧 Modify everything on your cars. Spoiler, wheels, lights, colors and more! 
🏠 Customize and upgrade your garage and display your best cars. 🚕 Become the best taxi driver in the city! 
💎 Deliver better customers to their destination to make more money like in a Tycoon! 

Credits: olikus400 Bertik750 SamSpeedCz

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