Welcome to Terragonia🌎, a fantasy world filled with dragons 🐲, horses 🐎, unicorns 🦄, and other mystical creatures. In this RPG game, you will have the opportunity to explore a massive open world and take on the ultimate challenge: defeating the infamous dragon, Ziggurath 🔥.

Fly on the back of dragons 🛩️, ride wolves 🐺 horses and unicorns 🐴🦄, and even tame them 💗 to build your own collection of mounts as you traverse the lands of Terragonia. Craft your own tools 🛠️, weapons 🗡️, and armor 🛡️ to aid you in battle. Grow your settlement ⛺ into a castle 🏰 and make it your own. Go on epic adventures 🌟 and defeat monsters 💀 as you strive to become the ultimate champion of Terragonia.

Join a community of players from around the world and work together to defeat Ziggurath and conquer Terragonia. Tame the most powerful creatures in the land and build an army of mounts 🐎🐲 to aid you in battle. Play now!

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There are currently no running experiences.