Pop artist  七叔(叶泽浩) is hosting his first Launch Party exclusively on Luobu where he will be performing 10 of his best known tracks.  Showtimes for the performance are Sep,19, 8pm-9pm (China Time) with encore performance Sep. 20, 1pm-5pm, 8pm-10pm (China Time) and Sep. 21, 9am-9pm (China Time).  Come check out the 是七叔呢 Launch Party where you can:

- Dance to 七叔(叶泽浩)'s latest performance and hits

- Engage in scavenger hunts to win free merch

- Compete in QQ Music’s obstacle course tower

- Collect gold coins to buy avatar accessories to celebrate the performance

- Earn fandom points and have a statue of your avatar displayed


There are currently no running experiences.