You are Nate. You are here to investigate crimes within Haines city, Meionia, alongside Damian.


After a whole year of development, chapter 1 is finally completed! Thank you to those who stuck around during its development phase, I’m sorry for the long wait! This visual novel is purely a passion project, and I am only making this during my spare time. 

Special thanks to my best friend Siu for helping me write the majority of the dialogues + some additional artwork!


- the game is still in alpha! Things might be changed in the future.
- you can skip dialogues by pressing E
- the prologue is fairly old; "extra" means special chapters

Co-creator(writer + additional artist) - sushiisiu
Halloween music - LuvSeals

Thank you for playing! Have a good day! :D

Tags: detective, story, mystery, murder


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