The classic Doomspire Brickbattle experience... this time with portals! The enemy towers must be taken down to win! Can you master the ability to use portals to do it?

Hold down G to emote!

Tunneling Device Sound Design by BiddinUp
Portal Rendering Module by EgoMoose

-- Tips & tricks --
- Portals can be placed on trowel walls
- Building a trowel wall below you will launch you up
- If you want to get out of your tower, sometimes breaking your base walls is faster than getting to the top
- Bullets, rockets, and bombs can pass through portals
- Personal explosions can launch you
- Superball inflicts a "Dizzy" effect which causes enemies to take 25% more damage
- The Turret gives 600 points per kill and has a very high amount of damage


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